Microbial Ecology and Ecophysiology

New: The Microbial Ecology and Ecophysiology Lab at the University of Alaska Fairbanks! I just moved to the Institute of Arctic Biology and the Department of Biology & Wildlife at UAF.

I am broadly interested in the role of microorganisms in the environment and how environmental changes alter the structure and function of microbial communities. I am interested in how microbial communities respond to changes in local resources (e.g., carbon, phosphorus). These responses may include differences in community composition, species interactions, and ecosystem processes. My research uses a mixture of field observations, laboratory experimentation, bioinformatics, and theory. Learn more about my active research here.

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Mario E. Muscarella

Assistant Professor of Microbiology
Institute of Arctic Biology
University of Alaska Fairbanks
West Ridge Research Building
PO Box 757000
Fairbanks, AK 99775